About us

Who says a time machine doesn't exist? In our museum, you will return to your childhood, and then fly at the speed of light into the hypermodern world.

The first museum of this type in Europe. We are the only ones who, in one place, have to exhibited exhibits, old original packaging and wrappers of old chewing gum, of unforgettable candies and lollipops and other sweets that we have devotedly collected over the years.

There are the most famous ex YU products, from different eras, but also some world-famous brands that were very popular in the 80s and 90s. Good old Plazma, Cigarette chewing gum, Cipiripi collections, Jupi juice, unforgettable gondola Eurokrem. In addition to the senses of sight, taste and smell, we haven't neglected the sense of hearing either, and all the time you can hear the sounds of good old commercials that evoke nostalgia.

What kind of sweet museum would it be without a sweet workshop, where you can try and make things. Have you ever made your own cotton candy, used a chocolate fountain with fruit or made unique pomegranate gummies?

However, we tried to make it interesting for all generations, especially for the youngest. Soak in a tub full of candy. Play in the real house of Hansel and Gretel, catch candies with tongs, take pictures of floating sweets... and many other surprises, curiosities and gifts, in a modern and attractive environment.

Go back in time for a moment. Feel the smell of childhood. Come, See, Feel.

*There is an always available, excellent and affordable Zeleni venac garage in the immediate vicinity, so you don't have to worry about parking when you come to our sweet museum.


No candy making

  • adults – 600 dinars

With candy making (mini workshops)

  • adults – 900 dinars
  • children aged 3-12 years – 700 dinars
  • family (two adults and two or three children) – 2,500 dinars

Group visits

  • Group visit of children of preschool and school age with making sweets 600 dinars.